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We exist to be a conduit of the Presence of GOD!

We are dedicated to helping people experience the power and presence of the HOLY SPIRIT.  Our desire is to see each believer  live SPIRIT-filled and SPIRIT-led lives.  We host weekly services in different places called Liquid Sessions.  We have a variety of sessions that allow people to experience different aspects of the work of the HOLY SPIRIT.  When people get filled and live full of the HOLY SPIRIT, they are able to experience victory in every area of their lives.  


Hosting the HOLY SPIRIT to give our generation access to the things of the SPIRIT

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Training our generation to move and live in the SPIRIT

Designing and Creating resources to further Personal and Corporate Revival

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Our Vision & Mission

We see a historical move of GOD sweeping our generation like a mighty river touching every sector of society with the Presence and Power of the HOLY SPIRIT. 

Our mission is to change the world like JESUS Changed the World!


Liquid is a Faith Community committed to the mission of Changing the World like JESUS changed the world together.  

Our focus is personal, corporate, regional and global revival.  We are a ministry community centered around the SPIRIT-Filled/SPIRIT-Led life JESUS offers to those who follow HIM.  It was how JESUS changed the world.

We are a multi-dimensional missional church. We literally gather all over the world in various gatherings and community settings to learn, pray and to serve our cities and regions. We want to see people move from brokenness to wholeness and from wholeness to fullness. We believe the only way this is going to happen is to be a part of the movement JESUS started more than 2000 years ago. It’s our desire to transform each and every region we gather and serve in the way JESUS changed the world. HE left us an example of how to change the world. The gatherings vary in size, type, and even in who leads them and how they are lead but what they have in common is they are places for people to experience authenticate community and get equipped to change the world. Of course this change starts with each person. Those who call Liquid home are a part of a growing global movement to restore the Church to its original purpose and function. JESUS said the gates of hell would not prevail against the Church. The Church is the means by which the LORD is going to transform the world. Liquid is a very different type of Church. We don’t emphasis where we meet as much as that we meet and what that meeting produces in our lives and from our lives.

Our objective is to disciple, equip and send people into a region to minister the gospel and establish the work regionally and situationally. We equip and provide oversight for each of the member-ministers of our community.


It is our goal to ignite and spread revival fires around the cities and regions we are located in. We want to be an agent for bringing revival and reformation to the Churches, ministries and the Body of CHRIST in the region. As the Church moves into revival it will begin to be the change agent the LORD called it to be. It will become the aligner of the foundations that have been out of course. We are combining the four streams of spiritual warfare, missions, discipleship and leadership development to fuel this movement of the HOLY SPIRIT. The LORD is releasing a great revival river across this land and restoring the Church to its full function. We are penetrating the city and the region to break the power of the enemy and Open the Heavens. This penetration is done through intense night and day intercessory prayer, worship and warfare. As the LORD releases the SPIRIT of Revelation through our intercession and warfare we are receiving strategies and insight as to how to dismantle the strongholds over and in the land. The Church becomes the stronghold in the land where HE can execute HIS plans and purposes. 




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Auburn Harris & Sandrina Harris




Rise up and join our movement.

We would love to hear from you.  We enjoy hearing your stories and answering your questions.  You can contact us at the phone number listed below.  You can also fill out the form on the right and we will get back to you within 24 hours.  



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