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Reviving Our Generation



What is forty7five?

He measured off another thousand, but now it was a river that I could not cross, because the water had risen and was deep enough to swim in—a river that no one could cross. (Ezekiel 47:5)

We believe that the LORD wants to release a river from the church to the world that has the power to change the world.  In Ezekiel, it says that it starts out as a small flow of water but grows into a mighty rushing river that can not be crossed.  This river has the power to transform the land and the people in the land.  This internship is about seeing the possible that the life of GOD gives us when we are willing to take it into the many different areas of the world and among the many different types of people.  It has the power to transform every part of society according to the unique design and plan the LORD has given the carry of HIS LIFE.  This course is not for the faint of heart.  It is for the bold and courageous who would dare change the world.

It is a 52-hour intensive course that covers areas like Community Transformation, Global reformation, Revival, and the believers role in Social redesign.

7 pillars:

This is a unique study focused on understanding the world system and society from a Biblical perspective.  You will never see the world or society the same again.  It covers the subjects of governing dynamics, original design, and the redemptive purposes of the LORD for nations and people.  We will also cover each person's individual design and how it is a part of GOD fulfilling HIS plan in the world.  

The throne of GOD

GOD wants to establish HIS dominion on earth through HIS people.  The throne of GOD is the place from which HE rules and reigns.  HE has put HIS throne in the hearts of the men and women who have made HIM LORD and from their HE wants to extend HIS reach and establish HIS authority.  In this course, we look at the process by which the LORD establishes HIS reign in the earth through the church.  

The River of GOD

In this course, we will cover the dynamics surrounding revival and how it impacts both the church and the community around it.  You will receive deep insights about the conditions necessary to host a move of GOD and what to do to see it move past the four walls of the church.  

Social Redesign:

The LORD is releasing realms of creativity like never before.  As the people of GOD catch what the LORD is doing with creativity, we will begin to enter into a new realm of authority and dominion.  GOD is calling upon HIS people to be the architects and builders of the things HE is showing us and through them see HIS Kingdom come.  This course covers various areas of design, creativity, and innovation.  We will get a better understanding of how the LORD wants to use us to manifest what HE has envisioned.  

The Sons of GOD:

According to the Word we are the Sons of GOD. We were created in HIS image and were designed to exercise authority and dominion in the world on HIS behalf.  Learning to operate like the LORD designed and created us starts with us seeing HIM, ourselves, and the world around us the right way.  Then we can begin to operate in a way that is in alignment with how GOD has created the world and wants it to work.  Then we can begin to be those who restore HIS order and glory in the world.  We will cover what it is to be a son and what that means to the world.  We will also cover how to begin to operate in the fullness of that reality.


Cost of the course: $999.99 includes a manual, digital folder of course work, and a T-Shirt.


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