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Fueling Revival


Becoming a Partner

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We are always looking for new liquid partners who would believe with us for GOD to release a mighty river and fill HIS people with more of His presence so they can lead a spirit-filled, spirit-led life. If it is your vision to see GOD revive HIS people and bring a refreshing to the body of CHRIST, we invite you to partner with us.

How do I become a partner? 

  1. Attend a drink session! 
  2. Get acquainted with the movement! 
  3. Fill out the form located on this page! 
  4. Choose a tier and donate!   

Partnership tiers

There are 4 different tiers of partnership. Once you fill out the form on this page, you will be redirected to the liquid partner page. You may select your tier and donate the selected amount. 

Tier 1: $100.00

Tier 2: $250.00

Tier 3: $500.00

Tier 4: $1000.00 

Benefits of becoming a partner... 

  • Free monthly podcast 
  • Direct access to liquid tv 
  • Discounted conferences and products 
  • Free liquid t-shirt 
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