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Reviving Our Generation
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Our internship program focuses on raising a generation to manifest and minister the fullness of the SPIRIT.  We believe that a generation is coming that will bring a measure of the Kingdom that we have yet to see.  We believe we are a part of equipping, coaching and releasing that generation into the world to do the work the LORD has for them to do.  There are three internships that we have created to facilitate this purpose: Nabiy', David's Harp and Pioneer.  Each of them have revival and reformation at every level of church and society as its foundation.  We have a four-fold method for equipping each person.  It starts with the classroom teaching and then we combine impartation and activation.  As the students mature in the grace of the callings we add hands on experience where they can minister to others outside of the classroom experience.  This begins the coaching and mentoring phase of the internship.  This is where they will receive an abundance of feedback and insights from senior leaders who have had years of experience in their perspective areas.  It will be a life changing experience that we believe will result in each of them becoming world changers in whatever way the HOLY SPIRIT has planned for them to change the world.  

Why internships?

Internships are a set apart time focused on seeking and encountering GOD and training in the things of the Spirit. It is a great opportunity to grow in your relationship with The LORD and learn what it truly means to be a disciple of Jesus. Liquid internships provide thorough coaching, mentoring, and experiential training to individuals who truly want to change the world like Jesus did.

Who should take the internship?

Internships are for individuals who want to be equipped to effectively minister to others in their daily lives or desire to do full-time ministry. Internships will teach you how to manifest and minister the things of the Spirit. Interns will receive coaching, mentoring, and experiential training in areas such as the prophetic, prayer, healing, and deliverance.

Duration:  3 months

1st Month

 Coursework:  In this phase, interns receive traditional classroom instruction. They attend live classes (onsite or online) and complete online assignments, projects, and exams.

2nd Month

Lab work:  In this phase, interns demonstrate what they have learned within the classroom and Liquid facilities. This may take place in the form of prayer meetings, worship gatherings, or ministry services.

3rd Month

Fieldwork:  In this phase, interns take what they have learned outside of the classroom. They are sent out in teams throughout the region to minister to individuals or groups.

Cost for each Internship: 

$999.99 plus materials (handbook, notebook Tee Shirt*)



Nabiy' (Naw-bee') is our prophetic internship.  It was designed to grow and mature each intern in their prophetic gifting and anointing so they will be more effective in their prophetic ministries.  It was also designed to help them develop a lifestyle of deep communion with the HOLY SPIRIT which is the major key to ministering and living prophetically.

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David's Harp is our Worship & Warfare Internship.  It was designed for those who want to learn worship in a Davidic style.  It is for musicians, singers, and intercessors who are called to aggressively pursue the advancement of the Kingdom of GOD.


Pioneer is our apostolic internship.  It was designed to for those who feel that the LORD has called them into an apostolic ministry.  The areas of apostolic ministry we will be covering are ministry start-ups, spearheading movements and community transformation.  Each intern will