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This movement centers around believers living SPIRIT-Filled and leading SPIRIT-Led lives like JESUS did.  It starts with our relationship with the LORD and the life that is given to us through that relationship.  JESUS lived an extraordinary life which was model for us. HIS sacrifice on the cross made that life possible and accessible to us.  When you look at all the miracles and things HE was able to accomplish it is a bit overwhelming when we are told that our lives should resemble HIS.  But JESUS made an amazing statement.  HE said that we would do what HE was doing and more.  Wow, how was JESUS able to live the life HE did?  It was HIS life in the SPIRIT.  HE modeled what it was to be SPIRIT-Filled and SPIRIT-LED.  

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Liquid is an amazing community of believers

It’s not just a movement, It’s home! 

For those who are looking for a vibrant community to fellowship and serve in...

Liquid is a Faith Community committed to the mission of Changing the World like JESUS changed the world together.

After you have experienced a session and feel this is for you then look at the Overflow video and sign-up for a splash party. One of our ministry coaches are going to contact you to connect with you and welcome you. The Overflow video is where you are going to learn about the movement and the Splash party is where you going to learn about

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Attend a Session

We feel like you need to attend a session especially the Liquid Sundays to experience the unique culture and community we have. If you are experience it through our online platform you experience a very special aspect of our ministry which is the mobile side…. We designed this the ministry to be experienced from anywhere in the world. We have a combination of groups that physically that meet together and that digitally meet together. We have people who will which the sessions on demand because of time restraints in their schedule. But however you attend you are going to experience

Splash party

Our Splash Party is where you can take the time to learn about Liquid and the Overflow movement. It is a 4 hour Liquid Session done over 4 weeks or you can go over it online. You are going to come away with a thorough understanding of who we are and what we are doing. It is also a time to celebrate you and what the LORD is doing in your life. We call it a Splash party because we just have so much fun.

Get connected

We have many different ways to connect and build relationships at Liquid. You don’t have to be limited to just one way. We want to feel free to connect to as many connection options as we have. You never know when you will need one of them. When you are a part of Liquid all of them are options for you.

For example, let say you are a part of Liquid Group in your city and the kids are sick this Sunday you can watch online with and have the sermon notes emailed to you. Then you and your family are visiting family or friends and you gather everyone around the broadcast and have a watch party and use it to share the Gospel with them. The various are bigger more established groups that

 Here are 3 ways to 2 connect:

Liquid HUB

You can join the HUB in Seattle, San Antonio or Beville.  Seattle is the Central HUB.  This is the place that most of the sessions, classes and services are broadcasted from. Each HUB has so many activities and ministries that We have so many things going on at each of our HUB for each person to get involved in.    

Liquid Online

You can join our online community and become a part of our growing iLiquid.  You can watch all the broadcast online from the comfort of your home or your mobile devices when you are traveling.  It is great for those who are either away from a Site to attend or that travel a lot.  We have everything from Sunday service to Discipleship courses to small groups. You can even receive pastoral care or ministry coaching via the online platform  

Liquid Group

You can join with one of many Liquid Groups that receive the messages via broadcast.  Many of the groups have a worship team and other ministries in place but receive the Sunday messages via our online platform.