Passing By

We all dream of doing something new. It feels so good to imagine what it will be like to experience whatever new thing is in our hearts and minds to do. Even through there may be some fear surrounding it we image it with pleasure. Many times it gets us through our current situations especially when we are going through something. The hardest thing is to take the steps toward making that new thing a reality. Many believers have imaged what it would be to closer to the LORD. We think of a time when we sense HIS Presence near to us. We hear sermons and even sense HIM drawing us to HIMSELF. But to truly respond would cost us time and even may mean giving something up that also has pleasure for us. Taking those first steps can be difficult. Over the years I have found a couple of key things you can do to help get you on the way toward the change you desire. First realize that the first step isn’t an action that you take externally but one that you take internally.

Auburn Harris