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Reviving Our Generation


Liquid is an Amazing Community of Believers from around the world who want to Change the World the way JESUS changed the world!  You'll hear us talking about the SPIRIT-Filled | SPIRIT-Led Life! It's because this was how JESUS changed the World and it's how we are going to as well!


The SPIRIT-Filled/SPIRIT-Led life is the life that is surrendered to the LORDSHIP of JESUS CHRIST and empowered by the HOLY SPIRIT.  Philippians tells us that JESUS humbled HIMSELF to a servant.  It goes on to say that even through HE was in very nature GOD HE didn't use that to HIS advantage.  HE was modeling the new life that we would receive when HE made it available to us through the HIS death and resurrection.  The SPIRIT-Filled/SPIRIT-Led Life is about allowing the HOLY SPIRIT to fill your life with HIS Presence.  

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Revival is the grace the LORD gives to those who are seeking HIS face because they are hungry for HIS PRESENCE.  This grace manifests as various spiritual there are many different expressions of revival because there are so many aspects of our lives and ministries the LORD can revival.  Each ministry and person is so uniquely different.  That's why you can get some many definitions of revival.  Basically we come alive and we are able to do the work the LORD has called us to do in a powerful and dynamic way.