"Surely the Sovereign LORD does nothing without revealing his plan to his servants the prophets. The lion has roared— who will not fear? The Sovereign LORD has spoken— who can but prophesy?"  (Amos 3:7-8)

Apostolic &Prophetic Mentorship

Over the years I have known many prophetic ministers and leaders in the Body of CHRIST. I have also many people called to the prophetic ministry. Many that are called to the prophetic ministry struggle to build the type of ministry that will allow them to share and express their unique ministry with the world. Prophetic people all over the world have felt rejected, and unsupported without any outlets of expression in their local Churches. Then there is the idea that if you don’t have a national or international platform or following then you aren’t really a prophet or what you have to say isn’t really valuable. About four years ago Sandrina begin to prophesy that the LORD was going to birth a new company of prophetic people for the hour that was coming. I have been observing as this generation has been coming forth, learning to walk this new company is starting to exercise their spiritual senses and receive the heart of the LORD for the land and people they are called to serve. I grew up in a church and culture that was very prophetic. The church I grew up in (Rock Church of Petersburg which was an extension of the Rock Church of Virginia Beach ) was a pioneer in prophetic worship and prophetic ministry. I remember when the LORD begin to use me prophetically. I had to read every book I could get my hands on because the local churches that attended weren’t set up to equip and have as a part of their overall ministry structure the prophetic ministry. I saw so many called with no real understanding of how to start or step out. For the past 25+ I have been involved in helping to equipping leaders and workers in the Body of CHRIST. There is a special place in my heart for prophetic people. I feel that we are at a critical point in what the LORD is doing with prophetic people. So I felt led to design and create a unique mentoring experience that would take prophetic people and those that lead them on a special journey. We need every ministry the LORD has given us. All of the five-fold ministry is needed to accomplish the LORD’s will. Helping those that are prophetic find their rightful place in the Body of CHRIST is essential for us becoming everything that we were designed to be.

Unleashing the apostolic-prophetic dimension of anointing

Roar is a 52 week mentorship designed to help develop prophetic gifting and ministry. It is a combination of teaching, training and coaching. My goal is to share with you my 30 + years in ministry around the prophetic anointing and ministry. Many times those that have a prophetic calling on their lives struggle to understand how to fulfill that calling. They lack the support of the leadership structure around them. They also lack having people that understand the prophetic and how to create ministry structures, tools and resources that allow them to take their ministries public. So they end up never really being able to build and grow a thriving ministry. In this ministry im going to bring to the table my years of equipping and launching many different types of ministry. We go over the theological aspects of prophetic ministry as well as how to market, brand and build the infrastructure. So whether you are a person who has been prophesying for a long time or a person that is just entering into this space you are going to receive some invaluable insights and tools.

This mentorship is about developing your prophetic gifting and building an effective prophetic ministry. There are so many tools and insights that can help you become everything that the LORD has called you to be.


We live in a time where it is so important for individuals to get guidance from someone who is more experienced in their sphere of influence. This person will not only have more experience, but they will also have more influence and expertise. The type of interaction goes beyond just the transfer of knowledge or information, but a true relationship is created. This type of relationship is known as mentorship. Mentorship is a type of relationship where a more experienced individual (mentor), is guiding a person with less experience (mentee) in a specific area. The mentor shares their personal insight, knowledge, and expertise to grow and develop their mentee. They teach them new skill-sets and provide guidance in various aspects of their mentees life. In many mentorships, the mentor is grooming their mentees to become successors or protégé’s in their particular sphere of influence and the relationship is typically an ongoing one.

Who is this course for?

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Whether you are a seasoned prophetic person or a person that is new to the prophetic these sessions and tools will enhance the prophetic ministry and anointing or your life. I focused on developing the entire prophetic person from your relationship with the LORD to your personal style and brand to the infrastructure of the ministry you are reaching people through. I wanted to reach as many prophetic people and share the years of experience I have in building ministries and helping others build successful ministries. So whether you are a prophetic person or a leader with prophetic people this course is for you. You will be come intimately acquainted with the prophetic and its specific needs.

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Prophetic Foundations

In this phase I will focus on helping each person grow deeper in their personal relationship with the LORD. Intimacy is where revelation flows from to touch those we minister to. Learning to minister to the LORD and living in HIS Presence is the Foundation of Prophetic ministry.

Prophetic Gifting

In this phase I focus on discovering and developing each person’s unique gift-mix. This will will cover both their spiritual gifts and their natural gifts. Understanding how these work together to achieve our callings is essential to effectively manifesting the grace the LORD is released into our lives.

Prophetic Ministry

In this phase we focus on developing the ministry infrastructure and vehicles that will allow each person’s ministry function and express the LORD’s specific and unique You are going to learn how to flow with your local church as well as ministry beyond the church walls.

Prophetic Leadership

In this phase I focus on the leadership that a mature prophetic ministry can provide to the Body of CHRIST and the world. We will cover the topics of Church government, working with other ministry gifts and developing teams. You will learn how to judge prophetic words and equip other up and coming prophetic people.

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Unleashing the prophetic anointing and prophetic people starts with understanding the prophetic anointing. Over the years I have taught people to understand the anointing and the difference in ministry types and styles. This has resulted in people seeing the special way that the LORD uses them and others. When people are able to distinguish the difference and value it they begin to walk in honor toward each other. This type of culture pleases the LORD and allows HIM to do great things with them. We will see how the church is in desperate need for the prophetic dimensions of the anointing with its various functions and expressions.

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