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Reviving Our Generation

Overflow is about living in the fulfillment of the promise of the HOLY SPIRIT.  JESUS said that we would overflow with the Presence and Power of the HOLY SPIRIT.  This overflow has the power to transform nations and generations.  This movement is about reviving our generation.  We believe revival is the result of living in the Presence of the LORD.  It can be an ongoing reality in our lives if we chose to stay thirst for the Presence of the LORD.  When we are revived we begin to overflow with the Presence and Power of the HOLY SPIRIT.  We become a conduit of the Presence of the LORD.  HE is then able to touch and change the world around us.  

All over the world people are changing the world JESUS STYLE!

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Experience the movement

Experience: In this phase individuals encounter the move in various different ways. They may meet someone carrying the fire, attend a gathering, or hear about the move of God and get Ignited. Individuals may experience Gods Fire, His jealousy, purpose, awakenings, refreshing, conviction, brokenness, the heart of God, and much more. These various experiences and encounters lead individuals to make a decision. Many will go from just experiencing to joining or becoming a part of the move.

Join the movement

Join: In this phase, individuals make a decision to join the movement by making a decision to commit to live a set apart life, be supernatural, and burn with the purposes of GOD. As individuals experience the move, they are moved to grow deeper and deeper in the move of the Spirit.

Be the movement

Be: In this phase individuals make the decision to Be the movement. They become the movement by leading a lifestyle that will allow the move of God to grow in them and around them. In this phase it is important for individuals to take advantage of the following resources to sustain the move of God and continue to accelerate.

Spread the movement

Spread: In this phase individuals make the decision to become contagious with the movement. They begin to find creative ways to share what the LORD is doing with them and in them.

Lead the movement

Lead: The leaders of the move! There are various ways to lead in the I Am A Fire movement. In this phase individuals are the movement and now desire to lead the movement in a specific area of responsibility .

The revolution starts Now!

No matter what Church you belong to you can be a part of the movement. Overflow is about learning to develop the SPIRIT-Filled and SPIRIT-Led Life.  It starts with learning what that life is and the resources Liquid offers to help you move in that direction.  Then comes the commitment to live out what you are learning.  We start with what we call the 22 day challenge.  For 22 days you are jumpstarting your spiritual life breakthrough into the habits, mindsets and actions that will allow you to change the world the way JESUS did.  This page is loaded with resources and links to resources that will help you the next 22 days of your life and beyond.  We are praying for you and with you.  When you feel like you can't make it remember the difficulty you are facing is the price for the change you want in your life and the change you want to be to the world.  

1. Complete splash

2. Commit to the SPIRIT-Filled and SPIRIT -Led Life

3. Do the 22 day challenge

4. Share a drink

5. Go Deeper

There is a river inside of you!

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