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Liquid Central

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What is liquid central?

 Liquid Central is where AB & Sandrina lead the ministry community from. They moved from San Antonio, TX to Seattle, WA where they continue to grow and oversee the ministry. It is the place where they broadcast Liquid Sunday and the other ministry sessions that equips and enriches the ministry community. As it grows it will come where many of the conferences and projects to equip the community as a whole is done. We are excited about the things the LORD has planned. Liquid is a multi-dimensional ministry. Many of the members of the community are online and reside all around the world. We have groups that meeting person and groups that meet online.

Where is Liquid Central?

Seattle, Washington

Liquid Hubs

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What is a liquid hubs?

A hub is a the apostolic center in a region or a city. It provides covering for the groups in that region. It also provides ministry support and is where the Senior Leadership of that region or city work from.

Where can I find a site?

San Antonio, TX

Beeville, TX 

more to come…

Liquid Groups

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What is a liquid group?

A Liquid Group is gathering of liquid members in a various places. They are connected through the broadcast and the support structure we have created. In addition to meeting to get the word and worship they fellowship, minister to one another and minister to the community around them. We use the fuel system for our discipleship and equipping needs in our community. Fuel is an amazing system

Where are they?

They are all over the world.  Anywhere a group of liquid members are gathered together to worship, learn and be sent into their communities to be light and salt!

Want to start a Liquid Group?